Venice/Venecia 2 in Italy/Italia in winter Corina Moscovich

During my second day in Venice I took about 50 pictures without counting some silly “selfies” that I´m not going to publish anywhere. There is so much history, there are so many references. And churches. And “campos”, and all sorts of streets with different denominations... 

This post is mainly about the “instantáneas” -as we say in Spanish- of what Venice is about. This city is really unique. It´s a labyrinth of houses in the shade of orange, light and dark brown. 

Linguistic landscaping: sale clothing near the train station 

Food offer is gigantic. Prices vary a bit but not a lot. Tempting shopping windows.
I don´t like Eros Ramazzotti, but it was funny to see this "Italian icon" here in Venice.


 Multicultural Venice: people from everywhere selling fruits and veggies. 

Thinking about my artist friend Ma. Laura Rolle

¿Qué pasa gondoliers?

¿Qué pasa gondoliers?

 The colour of the water is different according to the time of the day and it doesn´t really smell. However, some streets smell to cats´ pee and there is dog´s poo here and there. Enough with the nasty comments, but it´s part of the city as well. There are many shops where you buy stuff for pets (food, toys, etc). 

Soccer... passion... sounds familiar.

People are super nice, it doesn´t matter how bad you speak Italian: your effort is always rewarded. Now, whenever I say: Io sono argentina, I get positive feedback. Earlier today, an old nice man told me something like "half of Argentina is Italian". I just smiled as it is a bit more complex than that. Although I definitely do not have roots from here, there is this crazy familiarity every time I step the wonderful land of Italy. I feel I understand Argentinian mentality a bit better. I see a mirror reflecting similar cultures.

Next: Burano Island.

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