Venice/Venecia- Italy/Italia in winter Corina Moscovich

To leave from Luxembourg (Findel airport) made my trip much easier and KLM has nothing to do with Ryan Air. Customer service was great before flying. Same with flying attendants. 
Yummy cake inside the cuttest KLM box. And orange juice. Great match.
The two flights (first one to Schipol Airport, in Amsterdam and the second one from there to Venice) have been great and punctual. 
 Venice has welcomed me back with a sunny day and a blue sky. Couchsurfing is always -somehow- part of my trips.
I´m staying at DorsoDuro district.
Venice seduces me. I walk through the narrow streets, cross bridges here and there, listen to Italians (impossible not to), smell true pizza...
 I am finding my way to avoid crowded places. It is not easy, but taking less "on the map" spots, helps a lot.
 I am enjoying, trying-trying-trying not to think too much.
 I watch and listen to people from everywhere, I see details that I only comment to myself because time goes on so fast...
 I walk and walk and walk until it's way too cold or too humid.
  The blue sky from the morning turned into a densely foggy afternoon.

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“Sometimes we need the fog to remind ourselves that all of life is not black and white.” Jonathan Lockwood Huie

  “Living without faith is like driving in a fog.” (Proverb)

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