Area of Lago di Santa Croce, Farra D'Alpago, Italy Corina Moscovich

If you want to visit something different and not too far from Venice, a very good option is to drive one hour and explore the area of Lago di Santa Croce, Farra D'Alpago. All nature around you and very important: you breathe fresh air. You escape the bloody humidity of Venice.

Super ancient tree (I was told)

 The sub-region of Alpago is a vast, enclosed natural basin which is surrounded on all sides by hills or mountains. I felt like Heidi (Girl in the Alps).
 In Col Indes you can admire the so-called "Casa del Libro" (“the Book House”), an actual house erected in 1990 by sculptor Livio de Marchi. 
Completely built in wood, all parts of this house reproduce books: the walls mimic piles of closed books; the roof is like an open book laid on top of the walls, and the fences are gigantic pencils pointing upwards.

 We ate at the Bar Bianco. There you can buy cheese and other typical and biological products of the region of the Caseificio del Cansiglio.
  I had the opportunity to see goats, donkeys, cows, sheeps, etc.
Celebrating Capricorn season, hehe

To go from Venice to Florence I did the following: First I took a train from Santa Lucia Station to Mestre Station. There I took the train to Florence Firenze Fredi station. It was a regional train, with some stops in between. Finally, from Firenze Fredi I took the last train to SMN (Santa Maria Novella station).

Corina Moscovich