P7. 20 hs in Torun, Poland

Torun is famous mainly because of Nicolas Copernicus (he was born there) and for its ginger bread. It's a pity as the town has much more to offer.
Close to the train station there is a huge grey bridge which leads you to town.
When standing in the middle of the bridge you get the feeling that what you see from there will have to be good.
Yes, no questions about it.
First excellent impression of a busy family/friends/happy people Sunday in Torun.
Food is cheaper than in other Polish cities. Lifestyle, from what I understood, is only a bit more expensive than Lublin.
Lots of frogs in the shape of metal sculptures, as well as a dog and a donkey in different corners of this charming town.
English? Almost zero. Except in some touristic spots as below.
I was told that tourists don't stay the night in town. They just come for the day and spend a couple of hours. In my opinion, and having stayed there only one night, I would have liked to stay at least one more night so as to walk around with no hurry.
Pebbles and street lamps everywhere make this town look gorgeous in its "old age".
I couldn't taste the gingerbread as it has cynamon and I can't stand it.
The Leaning Tower was a typical fortified tower, built as part of the city walls (14th. C.)

Next destination: Gdynia-Sopot-Gdansk

Corina Moscovich