Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck. Sculptures of Tara Donovan

Photo: A.G.
The exhibition shows sculptures and works on wall from of the New Yorker artist Tara Donovan, who creates a floating contentual connection to Hans Arp, the house’s patron, by her organic-cosmic style.
Her artworks are shapes of initially indefinable beauty, which reminds of minerals, corals and jewels. Materials of everyday life (polywrapping, drinking straws, needles and buttons) are combined in thousand-fold completions to abstract forms. 

Photo: A.G.
According to Wikipedia, "Donovan's work uses everyday manufactured materials such as Scotch tape, Styrofoam cups, paper plates, toothpick, and drinking straws to create large scale sculptures that often have a biomorphic quality. Her sculptures must be assembled and disassembled carefully, which sometimes involves an extremely tedious process."
Photo: A.G.
The spectrum ranges from fragmented crystalline shapes to big organic landscapes.  “Donovan has transformed huge volumes of everyday items into stunning works of phenomenal impact. Layered, piled, or clustered with an almost viral repetition, these products assume forms that both evoke natural systems and seem to defy the laws of nature” (Inst. of Contemp. Art, Boston). 

Here is a video about Tara, talking about her creation process and work stages http://channel.louisiana.dk/video/tara-donovan-sculpting-everyday-materials 

Where? Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck. 
Address: Hans-Arp-Allee 1, 53424 Remagen, Germany. 
(closed on Mondays)