E 14 Venecia, Italia y alrededores (highlight)

Apenas bajé del tren y salí “a la puerta” vi lo que saqué en esta foto. 

Venecia es alucinante por el agua de los canales que conviven con el ritmo de la ciudad, cada vez con menos habitantes propios y más turistas.  

“So much has been said and written about Venice already that I do not want to describe it too minutely. I shall only give my immediate impression. What strikes me most is again the people in their sheer mass and instinctive existence”. J W von Goethe – Italian Journey – 29 September 1786.

Hay palabras diferentes para calle, callecita, etc¸algunas no sé si existen en su traducción al castellano.

“…a Venetian góndola? That singular conveyance, came down unchanged from ballad times, black as nothing else on earth except a coffin –what pictures it calls up of lawless, silent adventures in the slashing night; or even more, what visions of death itself, the bier and solemn rites and last soundless voyage! And has anyone remarked that the seat in such a bark, the arm-chair lacquered in coffin-black, and dully black-upholstered, is the softest, most luxurious, most relaxing seat in the world?” Thomas Mann -  Death in Venice

“What a funny old city this Queen of the Adriatic is! Narrow streets, vast, gloomy marble palaces, black with the corroding damp of centuries and all partly submerged; no dry land visible anywhere, and no side-walks worth mentioning; if you want to go to church, to the theatre, or to a restaurant, you must call a góndola. It must be a paradise for cripples, for verily a man has no use for his legs here.” Mark Twain – The innocents abroad, 1869. 

Venecia tiene al león en su escudo y está presente en todos lados. Cuando el libro está abierto, está todo en paz, cuando está cerrado, señala guerra

“Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs at one go.” Truman Capote – Observer, “Sayings of the week” 26 November 1961

Caffe Florian, named after its first proprietor Floriano Francesconi, which was opened in 1720.Its most renown previous habi-tués have included the playright Goldoni (1707-1793) and the neo-Classical sculptor Canova (1757-1822). 

El Carnaval empieza en una semana y la verdad, me alegro que sea así. Dicen que no se puede caminar...

Visité la Plaza San Marco (donde las palomas son un atractivo turístico: foto), varias iglesias, el museo ubicado en la Academia. 

Me estimula caminar por sus recovecos tan pintorescos. 

Visitamos Mestre (siguiente estación de tren a la de Santa Lucía), los pueblos de  Conegliano y Tarso. También pasamos por el Lagui di Revine. 

“Reclining in my góndola, I suddenly felt myself, as every Venetian does, a lord of the Adriatic.” Goethe – Italian Journey

“When I went to Venice – my dream became my address. “ Marcel Proust – Letter to Madame Strauss. 

Recommended Reading
Merchant of Venice W. Shakespeare
Any play of Goldoni in translation
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Travels in Italy – Jean Giono
The Quest for Corvo – A J A Symobs 1969 (1934)
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Across the river and into the trees – Ernest Hemingway 1977 (1960)
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The Passion – Jeanette Winterson 1988 (1987)
Territorial Rights – Muriel Spark 1991 (1979)
The comfort of strangers – Ian McEwan 1982 (1981)
A Venetian theory of Heaven – William Riviare 1993 (1992)

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