P6. Poznan and Kornik, Poland

Poznan means "a place of meeting" (there is a legend about three brothers who happened to meet just here). Ironically enough, in Poznan I "met" myself once again. It was the place where it really hit me what kind of trip I have been doing so far. Maybe this is an extended metaphor. Oh well... (these reflections will probably go on  in my purple journal).

I will miss the cutest!
 There is a striking contrast between very old buildings and German  constructions.
Poznan is a city which is "on the way" to other cities. My first surprise was when I was given a Plan Miasta/City plan/Stadt plan in three languages (Polish, English and German).

In Poznan I found a more genuine Polish spot. Odkryj Poznan! (Discover Poznan)

Furthermore,  I visited Termy Maltanski,  a huge complex of swimming pools, saunas and the kind. This was the best experience so far in Poland regarding my senses. To be in contact with the water and get hydraulic massages was incredible.
Poznan doesn't pretend to show its beauty. It just offers itself to the traveller as it is.

Tourism is kind of a new thing compared to the situation in Wroclaw.

I guess in ten years from now, Poznan will be a must in the traveller' s road to Poland.

Now, it feels as it is just starting. Again, as in most of the cities I have visited so far (in Poland) I did not find multicultural or multilingual variety.

The Main Square is the most beautiful part of Poznan. It has several old and narrow colourful buildings which now evoke the commerce stalls at the Medieval fairs. This is because after World War II, many of the old buildings were  restored to the original states.
 I love the different kinds of street lamps and the variety of green everywhere.

Food in Poznan is strongly influenced by German taste. But I kept on doing soup-tasting.
Cucumbers everywhere!!!!!!

A classic postcard from Poland
Drinking MATES in Poznan (yerba Pipore)
Bigos is a hunter' s stew. Stewed sawerkraut and cabbage with meat and mushrooms, served with bread or potatoes. This one was hand made and delicious! 
A very cool vodka. Yes, I had to try some...
There are cute details on the roofs, on the streets, on the walls.
Poznan is considered a "sleeping" town for people working nearby and it is also a university town. Coming here from Wroclaw, it was not a huge change; as both have similar "main attractions" to offer to the tourist. However, Poznan has a wild, authentic kind of beauty.

Again, the Stare Miasto (old area) is amazingly beautiful and it has a smaller size than Wroclaw' s. You can't stop shooting your camera because it's pretty and colourful everywhere.

I was lucky to witness the two mechanical goats emerging from the tower of the Old Town Hall at noon. There are different legends and stories about this. People gathered there looking up to wait for these characters and to listen to some jazz as a bonus.
Girls just wanna have fun
Another goat in Poznan then... (Yes, I'm Capricorn) and in this cute part of Poland you can see goats everywhere as part of the marketing campaign.

More trains, more roads...
I  visited Kornik village (20 minutes from Poznan by bus)

Relaxing tiny town (picture taken after a visit to a small castle)
Another perfect place for a Capricorn: contact with Mother Earth

Warm and sunny

Last activity in Poznan was attending a concert by the lake, while eating some cherries with vodka.
How cool is that?

 Next destination: Torun

Corina Moscovich