P8. Gdynia-Sopot-Gdansk, Poland

3 cities in one all joined by the train, which reminds me more and more of my adored Luxembourg. 
I arrived in Gdynia by train (from Torun) and then I kept using trains to move from one place to the other (train passes are the best option).
During the first day I discovered Sopot,  an overcrowded sea resort with an incredible location. 
The Grand Hotel is amazing.
Later I visited Gdynia town and its beach. It has a picturesque Marina and the air by the sea is super fresh (ideal for a stroll)  
I decided to explore Gdansk, which is the oldest of the 3. Gdansk' s town is too touristic at this time of the year. That for me makes it difficult to enjoy it. 

Gdansk Glowny train station
The weather in the North of Poland and by the Baltic sea is super crazy. I'm already catching a cold but nothing will stop me from walking around. 
Sopot has the longest wooden pier in Europe. 

Locals say that you should work in Gdansk, go out in Sopot and leave in Gdynia. If you are not fun of going to crowded spots, I would suggest not to go to the Tricity in plain summer. I hope one day I can come back and enjoy it with less people around.

Next destination is Luxembourg.

Corina Moscovich