Day- trips from Luxembourg by train: Koblenz, Germany (5 hours are enough for a visit)

As soon as I arrived to Koblenz after a 3 hour trip, I went to the Tourist Information, where I was given a city map. The town has the shape of a triangle and it is located on both banks of the Rhein River at its confluence with the Moselle River. Yes, Koblenz -from Latin (ad) confluentes-  is the place where the Mosel and the Rhein meet.
In this monument you can see Emperor William I on horseback.
The Rhein ferry is indeed a convenient and also scenic way to cross the Rhein River (first and most popular option is to take the cable car to visit the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress).
Fortress Ehrenbreitstein as seen from Koblenz
    It´s really small on the other side of the river but it´s adorable.

Back to Koblenz. The touristic places, although it is a working day, are quite busy. It´s a sunny and warm day (Yes!) Of course, as I observe in many other cities of this part of Europe, shops always have customers.
Cool sculptures here and there.

Plan your own adventure: Return train ticket (Luxembourg - Koblenz) with just one change in Wittlich (Germany): €30.  For a late lunch, I had a yummy Caprese salad with a glass of fresh local white wine. Prices are a bit cheaper than in Luxembourg.
It was great to leave Lux for a day and enjoy Koblenz during five sunny hours. It´s a charming town.
Corina Moscovich

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