Aqua jogging classes in Pidal, Walferdange, Luxembourg.

The term Aqua jogging is a relatively new name for the practice of exercise (jogging) inside the water: “Terme anglo-saxon qui signifie littéralement courir dans l'eau. Cette technique a été élaborée en 1970 aux États-Unis comme méthode d'entraînement pour les blessés de guerre du Vietnam. C'est Glenn Mc Waters, entraîneur d'athlétisme des Marines qui en a eu l'idée, semble-t-il le premier.”
Pidal, located in Walferdange (northern suburb of Luxembourg), is a large aquatic and relaxation centre with indoor and outdoor pools, solarium, sauna, gym, bar and restaurant. One advantage Pidal has is that it is a quiet place, close to nature. At the same time, the fact that it is far away and it takes me a lot of time to get there is an inconvenience for me.
Locker and wrist band locker.
The Aqua jogging classes take place in the main pool, on the first floor. It is an indoor pool with a length of 25 meters, a width of 12.5 meters and a temperature of 80 F. Next to the big pool, there is a smaller pool for kids. Both are Chlorine-free. In fact, sanity and cleanness seem to be two of the outstanding characteristics of Pidal. As a matter of fact, one day, while the class was taking place; one of the staff members came close to the pool so as to pick different kinds of samples from the water.  
Lockers, way to go to WC. Then showers, then swimming pool.
Times and routines There is a big clock on the wall that used to be there for swimming competitions, but now it only works as a regular clock. Everyone who is using the pool can check the time as the numbers are big and shiny so as to see them from far away. 
The class takes place on Mondays between 12.30 and 13.30 hs. During the first half hour, exercises grow in intensity as time goes by. The focus is on lower part of the body and legs.
In the following 15 minutes, exercise slows down and the focus is mainly on upper part of the body (arms, abdominals). 
Without a doubt, Aqua jogging involves the use of a swimming pool, swimming wear (swim suit and swim cap) and a jog belt which has two functions: On one hand, it helps with keeping a good upright position. On the other hand, it supports the person in the water. However, elements for the class vary. Sometimes during the routine, the use of water noodles (swim noodles), kickboards, square floating devices, swim gloves is included.
As children´s class takes less time, once we finish the hard work in the big pool, we go to the small pool (where the water is even warmer) and do the final relaxation there. Seldom, we need a partner so as to do an exercise or to help another person to loosen up. 
Regarding what we listen to during the classes, music changes every week as the trainer puts different tunes, already prepared for the rhythm of the class.

Most Mondays, there are other people in the swimming pool, besides the participants in Aqua jogging. They are adults who practice survival techniques of First Aid for Croix-Rouge Luxembourg.
Pidal is a “Syndicat intercommunal”, where there is male and female staff with different specific roles. The Aqua jogging trainer wears swim trunks and swim cap. Marc T. is in charge of Aqua jogging. A key aspect of his classes is how they are being taught. Within the internal regulations, swimming is not allowed during the classes of Aqua jogging. His teaching method is characterized by economy of words and gestures. His main means of communications is body language. Outside or inside the pool he always makes himself understood.
By attending Aqua jogging classes, I adapted better to my new life in Luxembourg. 
Corina Moscovich