Some E. E. Cummings

Something curious  happened to  me. I was in the library looking for a  book. I caught out of curiosity one called: 50 poems by E. E. Cummings. I read  some lines exactly in the page where I opened it (I always do that). Then,  on the first page, this was part of what Cummings said: “So far as I am concerned, poetry and every other art was, is, and forever will be strictly and distinctly a question of individuality... If poetry is your goal, you’ve got to forget  all about punishments and  all  about rewards and  all about  self-styled  obligations and duties  and responsibilities  etcetera ad  infinitum and remember one  thing only:  that it’s you   -nobody else- who determine your destiny and decide your fate.” (I wrote this in 2002 or 2003) Corina Moscovich
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