Burano Island, Venice, Italy (day 3) Corina Moscovich

Burano Island is 45 minutes away by boat (Vaporetto 12 at Fondamento Nove for 15 euros return ticket). 
To go to Burano, first you have to go to Fondamente Nove.

Burano is an island in the Venetian lagoon. 
It is a colourful area, with less shops and distractions than in Venice itself. 
Amazing opportunity to take loads of pictures. 
I guess in summer it looks really beautiful...
I was told that houses started to be painted in bright colours so that fishermen could distinguish them easily.

If you go to Burano in late December (or January) dress warmly as it can be really cold.
This is where I had my first truly Italian pizza. As the cold air was entering my bones and joints, I had a green tea to keep me warm while waiting for the Vaporetto to go back to Venice.

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