CNSC10 Camino-Norte-Santiago-Compostela From Gijón to Avilés (23km)

Fotos del camino desde Gijón a Avilés (23km):
Leaving the city was quite complicated
 This bit was a very tough but thoughtful camino for me. I walked alone this time but met some cute animals on the way.

Ariving to Avilés was long and tiring. 
Dormí en el Albergue de Peregrinos en Avilés (I think it was my favourite one as it offered different services). There I met guy from Guatemala who taught me how to "cure" a blister.
I also met two guys from Germany and a girl from Switzerland who wanted to get rid of stuff and gave me a softening foot cream.
Some pictures of Avilés:
Avilés is one of the main towns in Asturias.

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