City promenade by night- Luxembourg ville, Luxembourg

City Promenade by night. 
Facts come first: 
-You can take it any Friday at 9p.m (with a 2 hour duration) in English, French or German (plus Luxembourgish). 
-You buy the ticket (good price) before departure at the Luxembourg City Tourist Office in Place Guillaume II.

Our guide was John, I´m not sure if he was Luxembourgish or German, as he didn´t answer when someone from the group asked him: "How long have you been here?" He made many jokes that were celebrated with constant laughs and good vibes. For me, what was really good is that he knew a lot about Luxembourg: history, facts, anecdotes, myths. 

The guide and the gargoyle
  I loved the tour. Although the weather was really crappy, I felt enchanted by the beauty of the ville by night. 
Above: The Notre Dame Cathedral. 
Keep this in mind: Virgin Mary, patron saint of the Grand Duchy and two-tailed lions are the protectors of Luxembourg. They are everywhere.
 Now, about "My building", as I like to call the Spuerkees Bank (Banque et Caisse d'Epargne de l'Etat) magnificent construction: 
 This is the oldest bank in Luxembourg (created in 1856) and the construction of the "bâtiment" lasted from 1909 to 1913.
 Its tower is 46 metres and is probably the most photographed landmark of the ville.
 Just when the storm was starting I had the chance to ask our guide: "Do you think it is possible to go up there?" "No, it´s not"
   Oh, well... but I will keep insisting as it is my dream to see Luxembourg from the top of "My building". 

I kept learning new stories (I would say new versions) of the Golden Lady. I guess what is important is that she is now shining more than ever, ah?

 I´ve learnt that Michel Lentz (1820-1893) was a Luxembourgish poet who wrote “Ons Hémécht”, the national anthem of the country.

Goethe has recited poetry in 1792 at what is now called the "Ilot gastronomique" 
 Luxembourg is the 20th smallest country in the world.
Oh, Luxembourg! During the night tour I got inspired to write more poems, to walk new paths, to open new doors...
Corina Moscovich