Ruth Kaye

Cuando vivía en Inglaterra, conocí a Ruth Kaye, una poeta inglesa, discapacitada visual. Lo que me impactó fue la performance que hizo al declamar varios poemas. Yo, en ese entonces sensibilizada de vivencias, me sensibilicé aún más. Me impactó su voz, su fuerza, la forma de hacerse escuchar. Al finalizar el evento, tuve la oportunidad de charlar con ella y con su marido, quien tomó mi email y prometió enviarme algunos poemas de Ruth. En el mismo decía: "Thank you for your interest in my poetry, below are four from those I read at the Door Rep. It was nice meeting you. I hope you enjoy the poems"

Muchos años más tarde vuelco aquí algo de su trabajo:

BUCKET (A simple poem called the bucket, talks of blindness or sadness that anyone could understand.)

My head is stuck in a bucket
And I can't remove it"

"Your head? Stuck? in a bucket?
Well, you prove it"

"Listen to the muffled echoes of my voice
And hear the rattling tin.
You must believe, You have no choice,
It's a bucket that I'm in.
Will you take it off for me?
And let me reappear?
I'm not complaining needlessly -
It isn't nice in here.
Well how did the bucket get there
Did someone force you in?
What makes you think that I should care
If you are wrapped in tin?"
"The bucket put itself on me

Before I'd time to scream,
I saw it come, determinedly -
But thought it was a dream.

It was as if the bucket knew me
And picked me from the crowd
And now, it's fastened to me,

Like some cold, metallic shroud."
"Well, then, if the bucket needs you
And knew your head was bare,
I'm afraid I cannot please you.
You have to stay in there.

Copyright Ruth Kaye

Encuentro su website http://ruthkaye.co.uk/ donde debajo de su foto, se lee:
As a child I wrote essays, now I write poems I lost my sight at the age of thirty.
Curiously the blindness did not intrude.
Qué bueno.