Quotes from South African National Galery (Cape Town, SA)

“We see what surrounds us and we make it our own”
Isa Kabini, 1994 (South African Ndebele painter following in the footsteps of the earliest Ndebele mural artists such as Esther Mahlangu and Francine Ndimande. All have gained international recognition for their work which has been exhibited from South Africa to Paris, Australia, New York, China and many other places).

“Strangely the foreign lives within us: he is the hidden face of our identity, the space that wrecks our abode, the time in which understanding and affinity founder. By recognizing him within ourselves, we are spared detesting him in himself. A symptom that precisely turns “we” into a problem perhaps makes it impossible. The foreigner comes in when the consciousness of my difference arises, and he disappears when we all acknowledge ourselves as foreigners”
Julia Kristeva (Strangers to ourselves).

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